Treasured Friend

Sister-friend; life-long friend; kindred spirit; treasured friend; sorority sister.  These are people we hold dear to our hearts.  Many times our minds wander back to the moment we met and what bought us together.  Memories made with these friends make time pass too quickly though a certain day we were sharing may have seemed so long.

Today, I went to our mailbox.  A life-long friend who has always been my kindred spirit sent me a package loaded with a special touch.  She wrote, “Tucked inside this box are things that I wish we could be sharing together”.

Thank you, my dear sister-friend, for your thoughtfulness and all the joy you have brought to my life.  Delta love is sent with this toast, “Here’s to 44 years of friendship”!

To you, I dedicate my haiku…

days seem long

life is too short

treasured friend


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. val
    Feb 16, 2011 @ 00:40:21

    Look for tea in a pink box called Pukka Love! Organic rose, chamomile & lavender flower tea. As close to Spring as we can get right now! Heading to the machine…


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