The True Joy of Quilting

Quilting crosses all generations.  I know because my very dear mother-in-law is so much fun to quilt with and she just turned 80.  She has an amazing zest for life and laughter. She inspired me to develop a love for quilting.  There has never been a time she was too busy  to provide her assistance in a quilting matter.  When we quilt together, my world expands.  Moment of joy are created and something new comes into being where before there was nothing.

My mother-in-law gifted us with this beautiful Christmas Quilt

The Anti-Tobacco Silk quilt  you see in Artful Truth was sewn by me and girls 14 -19 years of age from three different ethnic  backgrounds.  Some are still in high school and others in college.  I think of them everyday and wonder what is in store for them.  Seeing their creative talents flourish and their dedication to an effort that changes lives, are memories I hold most dear.

As far as age, I fall in between those mentioned above.  My mother-in-law and the teens have never met, yet they know each other because of me. They have seen what  each other created and each are familiar with our quilting stories.

The simple truth is quilting is an experience to be enjoyed by any one who can sew a straight line and read a book.  There are patterns and techniques for all levels. Just remember that all other quilters have traveled the same path and many are out there to share with you …the true joy of quilting.