Great Investment for a Paris Vacation

Bonjour! Comment allez-vous!

Guess what? The RosettaStone, Tom and I took out a loan to buy last year is finally earning interest!  We have a family trip to Paris planned to celebrate our children’s mile stones. My daughter is home based for a month doing a medical rotation at Dr. Parris’s (What irony!) and she finishes in the early afternoon.

Over the past week, she has been coming home and learning Francais with our RosettaStone!  We now have French post it notes around the house. Also we are encouraged to greet and request things in French!  Is this not exciting! – We will have our own personal french interpreter by the time our plane takes off!

Last Spring,  Tom and I went to Paris for the very first time! I was mesmerized by the landscape and history.  In the near future, our favorite restaurants and sites will be posted on this Blog.  If you have had a chance to travel to Paris. Would love to hear from you about your favorite sites or restaurants!  I appreciate input in the planning of our Paris itinerary. Merci’!