Quick and Easy Signature Quilt

If you need to sew longer… order pizza! Anyone who loves to sew as much as I do can identify with this!   If someone had told me five years ago that I would understand how to use the rotary cutter and follow a pattern.  I would have questioned their sanity!  Today, my mind understands that it is important to make smaller stitches, match points, and there truly is a way to quilt as you go.

The latest quilt I am working on is a signature quilt for a new bride and groom.  It is a simple design.  You cut a 6” square (this is white on white fabric) and two 4” squares that are a contrast color.  This fabric is the same as the brides maid’ s dresses.  I used a variety of other fabrics as well.

Sewing Directions:  Draw a line down the middle of each 4” square from point to point. Lay the smaller square on the lower right corner of the white 6” sq. right sides together.  Sew on the line.  Next, I recommend you sew 1/4” from the sewed line.  Cut down the middle between the stitched line and set the smaller piece aside. (This is a finished square now for another quilt).  Iron the 6” piece seam toward the colored print. Repeat the procedure by placing the other 4” piece of fabric on the upper left hand corner of the white piece of fabric.  Sew down the line and then once again sew 1/4” from the stitched line and set that aside. Iron and you should have a finished signature square.  Cut a 6” piece of butcher paper and iron it on.  This will protect the piece from bleed through when it is signed.  Also remember to mark a 1/4 “ line along the white side of the quilt square so people will not write where you will later be sewing.

As you can see this is a chain stitch project and that is what makes it come together quick and easy. Good luck and I will keep you posted as the quilt is completed!


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