Fabric Selvage Edge – What a treasure!

Saw it – ordered it! Quilts from the Selvage Edge by Karen Griska. I have always been intriged by the selvage edges on the fabric I buy.  A while ago, I began – cutting and saving them before I began a project. Now I have quite a stash!  This book definitely gives me some great direction on creative ways to use the selvage edges. In the future I will be cutting them at least One and a half  inch wide.

For those that are not familiar with selvages – Karen defines it in the book as -“It is the two long woven edges running the length of the fabric. The threads are folded over so that the fabirc will not unravel during the manufacturing and printing process. As a result, the selvage is denser than the rest of the fabric.”

For those building their stash The selvage is quite a jewel. Great way to be green!


The Crazy Quilt Poem

A Jingle for the Little Ones                     

The Crazy Quilt

O summer sunset give to me

The crimson glow you shed.

Violet give me of your blue-

O rose give of your red.

O parrot give me all the green

That round your neck is spread.

O thistle give me of your down-

O spider weave me thread.

I want to make a Crazy Quilt

For my dolly’s bed.

Fred H. Shauffer

Good House Keeping

July 10, 1886

This poem was posted on a bulletin board page in the Quilter’s newsletter Magazine, July/August 1994.

My mother in law who is such a thoughtful individual gifted me four boxes of old quilting magazines… Will add picture soon.

The last two night I have been reading and marking.  Making list in my head as I go. The one big difference I see in the old and more recent magazines is the way the articles are written. It is not so much that pattern directions have improved it is the fact that there is not as much journalism and history in the newer magazines.  I have been pulled in to the older magazines as I am into a good book.  Some written by husbands on the ways they are coping with being married to a quilterholic another by a housewife that provides direction on how to get a vacation to have time to quilt. Though they may be long they keep my attention.  The newer ones I have a tendency to mark more for my “To Do Wish List.”  I must admit I am more drawn to today’s fads.

One article to share with you is Sketchbook in the American Quilter – Summer 1992, Vol VIII, No2.  The editor writes about Lucretia Romey’s sketchbook pages, which detail her way of seeing the world and recording what she observes. The notebooks serve as the basis of her quilts. In another magazine article , the author suggested that all quilters take a basic drawing class.  Do not remember which one of the 27 magazines I had read, suggested that.  Yet, I think I can see from this article it is important!  Improving your drawing skills can improve your quilting! Imagine that!

Quick and Easy Signature Quilt

If you need to sew longer… order pizza! Anyone who loves to sew as much as I do can identify with this!   If someone had told me five years ago that I would understand how to use the rotary cutter and follow a pattern.  I would have questioned their sanity!  Today, my mind understands that it is important to make smaller stitches, match points, and there truly is a way to quilt as you go.

The latest quilt I am working on is a signature quilt for a new bride and groom.  It is a simple design.  You cut a 6” square (this is white on white fabric) and two 4” squares that are a contrast color.  This fabric is the same as the brides maid’ s dresses.  I used a variety of other fabrics as well.

Sewing Directions:  Draw a line down the middle of each 4” square from point to point. Lay the smaller square on the lower right corner of the white 6” sq. right sides together.  Sew on the line.  Next, I recommend you sew 1/4” from the sewed line.  Cut down the middle between the stitched line and set the smaller piece aside. (This is a finished square now for another quilt).  Iron the 6” piece seam toward the colored print. Repeat the procedure by placing the other 4” piece of fabric on the upper left hand corner of the white piece of fabric.  Sew down the line and then once again sew 1/4” from the stitched line and set that aside. Iron and you should have a finished signature square.  Cut a 6” piece of butcher paper and iron it on.  This will protect the piece from bleed through when it is signed.  Also remember to mark a 1/4 “ line along the white side of the quilt square so people will not write where you will later be sewing.

As you can see this is a chain stitch project and that is what makes it come together quick and easy. Good luck and I will keep you posted as the quilt is completed!

Great Investment for a Paris Vacation

Bonjour! Comment allez-vous!

Guess what? The RosettaStone, Tom and I took out a loan to buy last year is finally earning interest!  We have a family trip to Paris planned to celebrate our children’s mile stones. My daughter is home based for a month doing a medical rotation at Dr. Parris’s (What irony!) and she finishes in the early afternoon.

Over the past week, she has been coming home and learning Francais with our RosettaStone!  We now have French post it notes around the house. Also we are encouraged to greet and request things in French!  Is this not exciting! – We will have our own personal french interpreter by the time our plane takes off!

Last Spring,  Tom and I went to Paris for the very first time! I was mesmerized by the landscape and history.  In the near future, our favorite restaurants and sites will be posted on this Blog.  If you have had a chance to travel to Paris. Would love to hear from you about your favorite sites or restaurants!  I appreciate input in the planning of our Paris itinerary. Merci’!

The True Joy of Quilting

Quilting crosses all generations.  I know because my very dear mother-in-law is so much fun to quilt with and she just turned 80.  She has an amazing zest for life and laughter. She inspired me to develop a love for quilting.  There has never been a time she was too busy  to provide her assistance in a quilting matter.  When we quilt together, my world expands.  Moment of joy are created and something new comes into being where before there was nothing.

My mother-in-law gifted us with this beautiful Christmas Quilt

The Anti-Tobacco Silk quilt  you see in Artful Truth was sewn by me and girls 14 -19 years of age from three different ethnic  backgrounds.  Some are still in high school and others in college.  I think of them everyday and wonder what is in store for them.  Seeing their creative talents flourish and their dedication to an effort that changes lives, are memories I hold most dear.

As far as age, I fall in between those mentioned above.  My mother-in-law and the teens have never met, yet they know each other because of me. They have seen what  each other created and each are familiar with our quilting stories.

The simple truth is quilting is an experience to be enjoyed by any one who can sew a straight line and read a book.  There are patterns and techniques for all levels. Just remember that all other quilters have traveled the same path and many are out there to share with you …the true joy of quilting.

Life is an Endless Creative Experience

It is no secret that life is but a dream we renew each day. It is up to us to infuse the dream with artistic expressions of love.  Hopefully, as I reflect on the past 48 hours of my life, you will be inspired to think about the creative moments that have filled your past days.

Visiting my mother this past weekend was a time for reflection and celebration of what was happening in our life.  During the trip, I presented her with a Memory Quilt.  The quilt included photos of special moments we had shared with family members over the past years.  I must admit, when making the quilt, my childish feelings of , “it is not good enough” for her eyes set in and I almost did not complete it. Due to the encouragement of friends, I finished and gifted it to her. Watching as her eyes lit up and her emotions swell, the realization came over me how much this meant to her.  She exclaimed “she had never received such a beautiful gift ~ this is a family heirloom!”

What I learned was, never underestimate the power of giving something from the heart.  We should just let the creative juices God gifted us with flow ~ he will take care of the rest.

“ Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not yet seen” ~ Hebrew 11:11

Create Our Own Reality for Inner Peace


Green Bus Project


It is my understanding there is not one wisdom or tradition that says peace comes out of war.  All speak peace coming from peaceful means.

Thinking of world peace is overwhelming, yet it seems more possible if we can think of working on a smaller, individual scale , something we can directly work with ourselves. Dali Lama sums it up: So the challenge for each of us is to find some method -be it meditation, prayer, slowing down, or self-reflection-to bring us back to our softer innate nature.

Believing this, I created my own reality for inner peace on Saturday…I got out of  bed at 3:30am to meet others committed to  the 4:00am-6am, Kundalini, yoga chanting, meditation Sadhana Class. Those two hours were spent with a very talented and peace believing yoga teacher, from the Green Bus Project, Moses. He and his wife Zenia along with little Bobo are on a journey of healing and transformation while teaching at over 108 studios across the country.

In addition to the early class, we had the opportunity to participate in Organic Vinyasa Flow from 10:30 – 12:30.  Both the experiences were mystifying as well as gratifying as I worked my body into a good sweat that morning!

I have no doubt that others are as thankful as me for the gift of health and happiness this beautiful couple is sharing.  Here, in Panama City,  appreciation also goes to Yoga for You for supporting their journey and providing us with this opportunity.

Moses w/ Green Bus Project and Paul w/ Yoga for You

Artful Truth

Artful Truth began in the fall of 1998 when the Wolfsonian-Florida International University was invited by the Florida Tobacco Pilot Program to design a learning unit to increase student’s awareness of visual culture.  They discovered that by strengthening student’s ability to interpret visual culture they were less susceptible to manipulation by persuasive visual images- tobacco advertisements chief among them.

Summer of 2009, a group of tobacco prevention advocates selected to create an Artful Truth Exhibit with 300 local youth in Bay County. The total Visual Arts Center was rented to showcase the art and educate others.

Our initiative included the creation of two Anti-Tobacco Silk Quilts. Tobacco silks were used by the tobacco companies as early as the late 1800 to promote their products.  Women would buy silks and create quilts with the fabric.  Women were as addicted to tobacco silks as their husbands were to tobacco products. After hearing the history of the tobacco silks and this early form of deceptive marketing, participants used a 4×6 piece of fabric and choose to do a collection of owls. Under my guidance, teens took the fabric pieces and incorporated them into quilts. These quilts have traveled as far as Tallahassee where they were displayed on the first day of the 2010 Legislative Session.  They now hang in the Bay County Health Department and in May will be on public display at the Bay County Library.

A Psalm of Life

The beautiful scenery inspired me to be in an extra thoughtful mood tonight…

A Psalm of Life by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Lives of great men all remind us

We can make our lives sublime,

And departing, leave behind us

Footprints on the sands of times;

Footprints, that perhaps another,

Sailing o’er life’s solemn main,

A forlorn and shipwrecked brother,

Seeing shall take heart again.

Your Thoughtfulness Inspired Me

Each time I look at a magazine, I am grateful God gifted me with an inquisitive nature. I am appreciative for that gift every time I check out a cover or tag a page ~ feeling the desire to create. Of course, I am most thankful and exuberant ~ when I get to put the project that was inspired into action and see it through to completion!

To my friends and family that have gifted me with these magazines… I thank you.

“You have always been kind to me.  I pray the Lord will be just as kind to you.       Ruth1:8

This Fons & Porter “Love of Quilting”  magazine provided the inspiration for my Paris Patchwork Quilt.











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