Create Our Own Reality for Inner Peace


Green Bus Project


It is my understanding there is not one wisdom or tradition that says peace comes out of war.  All speak peace coming from peaceful means.

Thinking of world peace is overwhelming, yet it seems more possible if we can think of working on a smaller, individual scale , something we can directly work with ourselves. Dali Lama sums it up: So the challenge for each of us is to find some method -be it meditation, prayer, slowing down, or self-reflection-to bring us back to our softer innate nature.

Believing this, I created my own reality for inner peace on Saturday…I got out of  bed at 3:30am to meet others committed to  the 4:00am-6am, Kundalini, yoga chanting, meditation Sadhana Class. Those two hours were spent with a very talented and peace believing yoga teacher, from the Green Bus Project, Moses. He and his wife Zenia along with little Bobo are on a journey of healing and transformation while teaching at over 108 studios across the country.

In addition to the early class, we had the opportunity to participate in Organic Vinyasa Flow from 10:30 – 12:30.  Both the experiences were mystifying as well as gratifying as I worked my body into a good sweat that morning!

I have no doubt that others are as thankful as me for the gift of health and happiness this beautiful couple is sharing.  Here, in Panama City,  appreciation also goes to Yoga for You for supporting their journey and providing us with this opportunity.

Moses w/ Green Bus Project and Paul w/ Yoga for You

Your Thoughtfulness Inspired Me

Each time I look at a magazine, I am grateful God gifted me with an inquisitive nature. I am appreciative for that gift every time I check out a cover or tag a page ~ feeling the desire to create. Of course, I am most thankful and exuberant ~ when I get to put the project that was inspired into action and see it through to completion!

To my friends and family that have gifted me with these magazines… I thank you.

“You have always been kind to me.  I pray the Lord will be just as kind to you.       Ruth1:8

This Fons & Porter “Love of Quilting”  magazine provided the inspiration for my Paris Patchwork Quilt.











Treasured Friend

Sister-friend; life-long friend; kindred spirit; treasured friend; sorority sister.  These are people we hold dear to our hearts.  Many times our minds wander back to the moment we met and what bought us together.  Memories made with these friends make time pass too quickly though a certain day we were sharing may have seemed so long.

Today, I went to our mailbox.  A life-long friend who has always been my kindred spirit sent me a package loaded with a special touch.  She wrote, “Tucked inside this box are things that I wish we could be sharing together”.

Thank you, my dear sister-friend, for your thoughtfulness and all the joy you have brought to my life.  Delta love is sent with this toast, “Here’s to 44 years of friendship”!

To you, I dedicate my haiku…

days seem long

life is too short

treasured friend