Treasured Friend

Sister-friend; life-long friend; kindred spirit; treasured friend; sorority sister.  These are people we hold dear to our hearts.  Many times our minds wander back to the moment we met and what bought us together.  Memories made with these friends make time pass too quickly though a certain day we were sharing may have seemed so long.

Today, I went to our mailbox.  A life-long friend who has always been my kindred spirit sent me a package loaded with a special touch.  She wrote, “Tucked inside this box are things that I wish we could be sharing together”.

Thank you, my dear sister-friend, for your thoughtfulness and all the joy you have brought to my life.  Delta love is sent with this toast, “Here’s to 44 years of friendship”!

To you, I dedicate my haiku…

days seem long

life is too short

treasured friend


Mirth and Motivation

What can I say…under the weather a bit and could use some mirth to get me motivated to straighten the house.  It is so much easier  to get myself motivated to quilt.  The reality is I do not like housework.  I so easily overlook all the “need to put things away”.  A magazine with the newest patterns and fabrics or the thought of watching a favorite cooking show gets me sidetracked.  Maybe writing to admit I have this problem will help…

Lets see what can I do to complete those housekeeping task.

  • Put on some  music.
  • Get comfortable with work out clothes.
  • Put on an apron with pockets to load the tools.
  • Select the perfect cleaner.
  • Oh, I know check out a magazine for housekeeping tips and or google some sites.

I think I may be a lost cause… Does anyone else out there have this problem?

Inspired to write a haiku poem

i glimpse at

the solemn housework,

then let it go

Heightened Awareness of the World Around Us

Haiku, The Japanese form of poetry written in three short lines and is celebrated by people from many different cultures for it’s ability to express a simple moment in a profound way.

When my day seems so busy or cluttered with life’s challenges, reading haiku poems, offers me an easy way to slow down and appreciate the simple things in life.

Looking out my window,  I am reminded to take a moment to notice the stillness of the water or the serenity  of the scenery.

With themes such as honesty, transience, and compassion, Patricia Donegan’s book haiku mind, offers haiku and commentary.  She wrote the book to share the idea of “haiku mind” and to hopefully inspire others to live with more clarity, compassion and peace.

haiku poem found in Donegan’s book

closing the gate

alone with the stones

on this beautiful night

Shuoshi Mizuhara (1891 – 1981)

The following is how Patricia Donegan describes the haiku in her book.  (It is the commentary that helps me to enjoy the richness of the haiku)

The poet here has stepped beyond loneliness and embraced being alone in silence, in solitude. Most of our deepest moments occur when we are alone in silence or with others in silence.  It is a gateway of nurturing, of healing, of renewal, and sometimes of revelation.  The reverence for silence is in most religious traditions such as the Judeo-Christian statement, “Be still and know God, usually embodied in the Quaker’s silent meeting. And it is often through solitude that we find the soft-heartedness to connect further to others.

Ms. Donegan provides a bio of the poet at the end of every chapter.  They go back centuries and are from all walks of life.

I pay homage to this book because I  find it beautiful, educational, profound and helpful.

Best-Loved New York Vegan Restaurant for ALL Taste Buds

  • If you wish to select a hot New York Restaurant while visiting the Big Apple.
  • If you are are vegan or just interested in food that has earned the praise of food critics, celebrities and countless New Yorkers.
  • Then this sweet restaurant is so you!  Candle 79, 154 East 79th St. at Lexington Avenue; #212-537-7179
  • There is also a sister restaurant: Candle Cafe, 1307 3rd Avenue,                      212-472-0970

Both these restaurants serve up a wonderful array of organic delights and delicious food in a warm and eco-friendly environment as it works towards it mission of health and sustainability.  I highly recommend you include them in your travel plans.  Your body will thank you!

Beautiful setting enhances the experience!

ad-van-tage~noun 1. circumstance or condition favorable to success

The weather! Living in Northwest Florida truly has it’s advantages. Today, the sun was shining and all I needed to wear were boots, socks, jeans and a light sweater. Yet, I am still envious of those that get to experience snow.  The world is full of all sort of advantages.  A pessimist would say, “are you sure”? An optimistic would say, “there are too many to share”.

Creative is a Verb

Today, the St Andrew Bay Quilting Guild held their annual Quilt Show.  What a talented group of people.  They demonstrate the truth in “Creative is a Verb”!




Creative is a Verb by Patti Digh is a book I bought today at Borders.  Ms. Digh is the author of Life is a Verb and the award winning blog

Book Reviews: Sam Kern, New York Times best-selling author of Fire in the Belly Says, “Life is a Verb is at once beautiful, profound and helpful – you can’t beat the combination.”

“Soulful, warm funny, smart-Patti is the perfect guide for anyone who knows deep down they are an artist but is having trouble finding the doorway.” ~ Susan Piver, New York Times best-selling author of The Wisdom of a Broken Heart.

Look forward to sharing my review of the book with you in the future. Has anyone read Life is a Verb?

Creating my blog, Orchestrating Words, with MiMo The Creative Group, LLC

Today, I had a great opportunity!  Tam Cai, the creator of MiMo, helped me design my own personal Blog!  Branding, registering, selecting a design and learning the techniques needed to orchestrate my words was a great experience.  My plan for this blog is to share life’s experiences that relate to my family, my hobbies (quilting, journaling, crafting or yoga) and my work as a Tobacco Prevention Specialist.

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